May is our favourite part of the year. There is so much colour on the nursery and our bedding plants are looking their very best. Our retail area is bursting with stock – it’s a great time to come and pay us a visit. Remember – there is still a slight chance of frosts so keep your eye on the weather forecast!

This May we have our biggest ever range of plants and sundries.

The nursery and retail area are looking great this time of year. Our bedding plants are now ready and many things are in full flower. Our Rhododendrons are looking particularly good right now.

We have our largest ever range of plants. To give you an idea of our range we have the following available on retail now or in our polytunnels waiting to come out:

– Over 350 varieties of shrubs –
– Over 300 different varieties of fruit and ornamental trees –
– Over 150 varieties of vegetable and ornamental seeds –
– Over 140 varieties of climbers –
– Over 100 varieties of summer bedding plants –
– Over 100 varieties of indoor plants –
– Over 70 varieties of roses –
– Over 70 varieties of herbs –
– Over 70 varieties of alpines –
– Over 70 varieties of Rhododendrons and Azaleas –
– Over 40 varieties of soft fruit –
– Over 40 varieties of grasses –
– Over 30 varieties of conifers –
– Over 30 varieties of vegetables –
– Over 20 varieties of ferns –

Don’t forget we also have a large range of sundries and pots available too.

Our huge range of bedding plants are now available. Just remember to keep an eye out for frosts!