A ‘Community Interest Company’ owned and run by people with disabilities and social care needs

Countryside Enterprises is currently made up of over 140 members all of whom have health & social care needs. The CIC company has enabled this group of individuals to get into work – for some, for the very first time.

Supported by WHM Work Connections (Six Acre Nurseries Sister company) Countryside Enterprises offers a wide range of goods and services to the local and wider community.
Our range of goods and services include:

  • Catering enterprise producing all of the cakes, quiches, soups, sausage rolls and other savoury snacks for our deli & coffee shop
  • Free range egg enterprise selling you fresh free-range eggs laid just up the road (in Seagrave) from hens raised and cared for by us
  • Woodwork enterprise producing a lovely range of bird houses, feeders, dog bowls and troughs
  • Pumpkin enterprise growing pumpkins at our farm in Seagrave and selling at our farm shop at Six Acre Nurseries

With the community’s best interests at heart

Being part of the enterprises enables these individuals to develop skills, gain qualifications, and gain valuable work experience. A number of the enterprises are now self-sufficient and successfully making money which is divided as part of a profit share scheme meaning that everyone involved is being paid.

Support this fantastic cause

At Six Acre Nurseries you will find a number of Countryside Enterprise Products easily identifiable by their logo.
Please support this fantastic venture by taking time to look at or buying their products here at Six Acre Nurseries