Not your typical horticultural nursery

Six Acre Nurseries has collaborated with local business WHM Work Connections who are a farm-based support service (based in Seagrave, Loughborough) for adults with learning disabilities that focuses on skill development and employment opportunities.

Owner’s Helen Sedgwick and Liz Wells have combined the work they do at WHM Work Connections with Six Acre Nurseries enabling individuals to gain;

  • Skills & qualifications in horticulture
  • Work experience
  • Employment
  • Facilities to sell produce grown (fresh fruits and vegetables) or products they have made (beautiful bird boxes, bird tables, dog bowls)

Gaining skills & building experience

‘On the job’ opportunities combined with academic studies provide an excellent broad basis for developing skills & building experience.

Working towards employment

Comprehensive learning within a working environment allow unique opportunities to work towards employment.

For a county with a strong agricultural tradition, there are clear benefits in drawing on our farming/horticultural heritage in Leicestershire and combining the care of the land with the care of people. By supporting Six Acre Nurseries, you’re not only supporting a small independent family business but you’re also supporting opportunities for a fantastic employment initiative and numerous community social enterprises.