Christmas at Six Acre Nurseries

Christmas is always an exciting time at Six Acre Nurseries, but this year we’ve really gone all out to make the festive experience extra special for kids of all ages with our magical grotto!

Our Christmas trees are now available!

Which tree is right for you?

Norway Spruce

Superb scent
Sharper needles
Conical habit
Best for outdoors or for shorter periods indoors

Nordmann Fir

Excellent needle retention
Soft needles
Bushy habit

Excellent long lasting tree for indoors and outdoors

Fraser Fir

Best scent
Silvery foliage
Narrow habit
Best of both worlds – excellent scent and needle retention

Potted or cut tree?

~ Potted trees generally have a smaller carbon footprint than cut trees ~
~ Potted trees can be used for multiple years ~
~ Potted trees cannot live indoors for more than 7-10 days ~
~ Potted trees have better needle retention ~
~ Potted trees can be planted out in the garden the following spring ~

~ Cut trees come in a wider variety of sizes ~
~ Cut trees tend to be much cheaper ~
~ Cut trees can stay indoors for much longer ~

Our trees:

Nordmann Fir cut tree (110cm – 150cm) – £27.99
Nordmann Fir cut tree (150cm – 175cm) – £37.99
Nordmann Fir cut tree (175cm – 200cm) – £49.99
Nordmann Fir cut tree (200cm – 240cm) – £69.99

Norway Spruce cut tree (125cm – 150cm) – £25.99
Norway Spruce cut tree (150cm – 175cm) – £29.99
Norway Spruce cut tree (175cm – 200cm) – £34.99
Norway Spruce cut tree (200cm – 225cm) – £42.99
Norway Spruce cut tree (225cm – 250cm) – £46.99

Nordmann Fir potted tree (80cm – 100cm) – £39.99
Nordmann Fir potted tree (120cm – 140cm) – £49.99
Nordmann Fir potted tree (140cm – 160cm) – £56.99

Norway Spruce potted tree (80cm – 100cm) – £34.99
Norway Spruce potted tree (100cm – 120cm) – £38.99
Norway Spruce potted tree (120cm – 140cm) – £42.99
Norway Spruce potted tree (140cm – 160cm) – £47.99

Fraser Fir potted tree (140cm – 160cm) – £59.99

What else is happening at Six Acre Nurseries this Christmas?